Pallets in Cambridge: Brampton Pallet Inc

At Brampton Pallet Inc, we take great pride in the quality and diversity of our wooden pallet products. We offer an assortment of newly manufactured, remanufactered, and custom pallets Cambridge can rely on.

New Pallets
Brampton Pallet Inc can manufacture new pallets, as well as customize pallets to your own specifications. These are constructed of quality hardwood lumber, or in your choice of economical softwood varieties. Our new pallets can be cured and treated to your preference and requirements.

Wood Recycling: Toronto’s Recycled Pallets
In maintaining our commitment to wood recycling in Toronto and nearby areas, we offer pallets that consist of recycled lumber, or a combination of reclaimed and new lumber. These come in standard sizes or can be reconditioned to its original specifications. All repairs and refurbishing are conducted in-house.

Remanufactured Pallets
Using reclaimed materials, we offer remanufactured pallets that can save you 30% over buying new. Remanufactured pallets can be cut to your preferred size.

Heat-Treated Pallets
We offer heat-treated pallets that are a perfect for deterring “wood rot” and insect damage. Heat-treated pallets are great for overseas shipments. These are available in new and used varieties.

Plastic Pallets
No hammers, stringers, or nails required! Brampton Pallet offers plastic pallets constructed of poly and Styrofoam. Our most common size available is 48” x 40”. Plastic pallets are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Combination Pallets
Save 30% over the cost of a new pallet with a combination pallet. These pallets are composed of new and used materials for high-performance at lower costs.

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