Heat Treated Pallets Available in Brampton

When it comes to international shipping, stringent requirements are in place to minimize risk of cross-contaminating goods. One such requirement for international shipments is that your wooden pallets are heat treated. Heat treated pallets are required to ensure the safety of the product being shipped as well as the environment of the product’s destination. 

To increase safety of your consumers, choosing our heat treated pallets in Brampton and Toronto is the right choice. Available in new and used varieties, you can rely on our heat treated pallets to protect the items you’re transporting as well as the environment of their destination.

How Are Pallets Treated?

Utilizing a phytosanitary process developed by the International Plant Protection Convection (IPPC), heat treatment brings the core temperature of any wooden product to a minimum of 56°C for at least 30 minutes. This process sterilizes the wood and helps ensure that any insects, larva, and chemicals on the wood have been eliminated. 

Preventing problems such as wood rot, fungi growth, and insect contamination, our heat treated pallets ensure you are complying with IPPC regulations. As such, you won’t have to endure delayed shipments, fines, or the destruction of property during shipments. 

What Are Benefits of Heat Treated Pallets?

With ongoing recalls of products due to concerns about pests and chemicals, heat treated pallets are useful for more than just international shipments. Our heat treated pallets in Brampton offer many benefits, including:

  • Pest prevention: Heat treating pallets can prevent infestation of many insects including Formosan termites, common furniture beetles, death watch beetles, wood boring weevils, and house longhorn beetles.  
  • Durability: The heat treatment process strengthens and hardens the pallets by reducing moisture content. This means that heat treated pallets are more durable than non-treated ones. 
  • Affordability: Because moisture is removed from the pallets, they become lighter. This means that your packaging weighs less, which allows you to reduce your costs associated with shipping.

Why Should You Choose Our Heat Treated Pallets? 

Brampton Pallet Inc has been in the business since 1995. You should choose us for your heat treated pallets in Brampton because we have a complete understanding of pallet regulations and requirements, we manufacture our own custom pallets, and we do our best to protect the environment with our pallet recycling services.

Get a free quote on our services or contact us to learn more about the different types of pallets we offer.

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